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Astrophysics Science Division: Interns at GSFC

Astrophysics Science Division - Interns at GSFC

Astrophysics Science Division - Interns at GSFC

Did you know students can intern at GSFC?

High school, undergraduate, and graduate students may be eligible to intern at NASA centers, including GSFC with scientists in the Astrophysics Science Directorate. More information including available open opportunities can be found at

Why do an internship?

Internships as a student are a great way to build experience outside of the classroom and learn what it is like in the world of scientific research. NASA interns apply to project opportunities with leading mentors, and will work one-on-one either virtually or in-person at GSFC to realize the research project. Interns receive a stipend for their work and to help with housing if working on-center.

When are internships?

Intern positions are available throughout the year. The largest intern session is during the summer months (early June to early August). Applications for this summer session are due in early March.

Session Duration Typical Start and End Application Deadline
Spring 16 Weeks Mid-January to Early May Early November
Summer 10 Weeks Late May/Early June to August Early March
Fall 16 Weeks Late August/Early September to Mid-December Early June

Who is eligible?

US citizens and foreign nationals currently enrolled in US institutions are eligible for the positions listed at

How to apply

Further details and all NASA intern opportunities are listed at For GSFC astrophysics-specific opportunities, search for "GSFC astrophysics" in the intern position listing.