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DAVINCI: Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry, and Imaging

DaVINCI concept Image
Caption: During its 63-minute descent, DAVINCI would collect and return measurements of Venus. atmospheric composition.

DaVINCI concept Image
Caption: Artist's concept of DAVINCI probe descent stages

LRO Concept ImageeLunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Photos

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In December 2009, Kelly Fast, Ted Kostiuk, John Annen and Timothy Livengood went to the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility at Mauna Kea to observe Mars with the HIPWAC instrument in a coordinated campaign with the Mars Express spacecraft. Over four nights, the team measured ozone in the Martian atmosphere to better understand the chemistry of the planet's atmosphere.

Visits to Goddard

Seth Green visits Goddard and the Astrobiology Lab

Leland Melvin, NASA Associate Administrator for Education, visits Goddard and the Astrobiology Lab