Solar System Exploration Division
Sciences and Exploration Directorate - NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center


Uranus Flagship Workshop: Investigating new paradigms for outer planet exploration

This Uranus Flagship Workshop follows the successful July 2023 Pasadena workshop on investigations and instruments for cross-discipline science. Join us as we discuss practical aspects of the next planetary flagship and how we can employ new paradigms to better enable robust outer planet exploration. Topics will include understanding mission costing with lessons learned from previous large NASA missions; enabling interdisciplinary and cross-cutting science; defining mission design drivers; and exploring near-term technologies that increase science return. The third day of the workshop will focus on training sessions and related experiences, split between the NASA GSFC and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab workshop co-hosts. All plenary sessions will be hybrid format, but some activities will be in-person, only.

Conveners: A. Simon (Co-Chair), L. Prockter (Co-Chair), I. Cohen, K. Mandt, L. Quick

GSFC LOC: S. Guzewich, H. Kaplan, A. Kerr, S. Loughran, M. Neveu, J. Noviello, P. Phipps, J. Renaud, M. Sultana

APL LOC: J. Berdis, G. Clark, M. Kinczyk, A. Luspay-Kuti

SOC: A. Coustenis (Observatoire de Paris), H. Hammel (AURA), M. Hofstadter (JPL), T. Kremic (NASA Glenn), E. Martin (Smithsonian), O. Mousis (Aix-Marseille Université), F. Nimmo (UC Santa Cruz)