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EarthShine Lunar Payloads Collaboration Workshop

EarthShine Lunar Payloads
Collaboration Workshop

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NASA GSFC Visitor Center

9432 Greenbelt Road

Greenbelt, MD 20771

Virtual Attendance also available!

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Free Event

From the lunar surface and orbiting platforms, we have a unique opportunity to create payloads and missions that support Artemis and set the framework for exploration such as identifying water "hot spots" and other key resources on the lunar surface that are necessary for a base camp, setting up early warning systems for our astronauts for events such as solar storms, identifying habitable planets for us to explore by using the Earth as an exoplanet proxy, and protecting our own world by observing the total carbon signature of the Earth from the unique lunar vantage point.

Please join us in a free hybrid workshop where we create a new and inclusive way to work together and train the next generation. We will explore opportunities for creating interdisciplinary missions from these exciting new lunar platforms that answer our most important science questions and tap into our collective creativity.